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Collective intelligence is the combined knowledge, expertise, and problem-solving capabilities of a group that exceeds the abilities of any individual member. By harnessing the power of collaboration, discussion and information sharing, you can generate innovative solutions, make informed decisions, and achieve collective goals.


Human intelligence,
enhanced by AI

Thanks to its state-of-the-art language models, PSi is able to analyse large-scale conversational data in minutes. Now, change agents and problem solvers can consult stakeholders up to 333x faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.


Opinions are complicated —
understanding them doesn’t
have to be.

Whether you’re running a focus group, researching public opinion, or gathering employee feedback, PSi adds velocity to qualitative primary research.

Get meaningful insights from every voice in real time — even with thousands of participants.

Reliable AI-driven insights at unprecedented speeds

Get actionable insights up to 333x faster. Our unique, AI-driven stack delivers reliable results at unprecedented speeds

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No question is too big for PSi

PSi gives you the velocity required to solve complex challenges quickly.

Discussion topic:

What are the most important things to think about when using chatbots to help customers?

  • Discussion topic:

    How can we improve this product for you?

  • Discussion topic:

    How do we make our operations and supply chains more sustainable?

  • Discussion topic:

    What are the most important things to think about when using chatbots to help customers?

  • Discussion topic:

    How do we use technology and digital transformation to stay competitive?

  • Discussion topic:

    How can we stay relevant to our customers?

  • Discussion topic:

    How can we navigate economic uncertainties as we grow?

  • Discussion topic:

    How can we create an inclusive and diverse workplace?

  • Discussion topic:

    What markets do we grow in next?

Trusted by leading organisations

PSi is a game-changer. Where we used to have to rely on limited focus groups, we can now get broad and deep customer insights much more quickly and efficiently. We look forward to our continued collaboration with PSi.

Justin Cohen, Venture LeadSlalom Consulting

The team supported me with my research from the beginning till the very last minute. They went above and beyond to ensure that the vision remained centre stage. I really enjoyed working with PSi and the process has been very enlightening.

Dr Sandra Isibor, NHS General PractitionerNational Health Service

Working with PSi was excellent. The team were always swift to respond, helping us whenever we had issues, and made the whole process easy for us.

Matilda Hadcock, Graduate Alumni Relations AssociateChrist Church College, University of Oxford

The differing perspectives and experiences that could be included and share because of the digital platform lead to a more enriching experience.

Hannah Taylor, Senior Director of Community ImpactGlobal Health Corps

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