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What it’s like to join a primary research discussion on PSi

It’s just like joining a normal, human conversation

But with a lot of science behind the scenes

PSi is the only voice-based primary research platform

People use their own real voices — no video — to develop new insights and deliver collective intelligence.

PSi uses a unique method to place participants into a series of small, synchronised breakout groups to discuss the best way to answer your question.

Not to be confused with a chat room or an internet forum, PSi is an intelligently-designed primary research platform that fosters consensus-building through carefully facilitated live conversations.

Eliminating social biases

PSi is designed so that social biases like herding, groupthink, and overconfidence are reduced. Based on group psychology, PSi helps you find the signal in the noise. 

With PSi, you can avoid skewed results and start making the right decisions sooner.

Get insights from real human voices— amplified by artificial intelligence

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PSi is designed to accelerate your decision-making